Keep Me Sunkissed Face Tan Water with Brush

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Fresh, glowing skin is just a mist away! Add a warm, subtle glow to your face with our lightweight, delicate Keep Me Sunkissed Face Tan Water, specially formulated for your facial skin with nourishing, anti-ageing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, witch hazel water and red maple extract with natural scent of vanilla fruit water. It will leave your skin hydrated, even, toned and glowing without any sticky finish. 

Paired with 

No sunless tan routine is complete without a blending brush!

Made with soft synthetic hair*, SunnaTan brushes allow you to complete your sunless experience by blending out imperfections and build up that may happen when applying your tan. 


Bundle Includes:

1 x 100 mL Keep Me Sunkissed Face Tan Water

1 x Rose Gold Blending Brush