Our Services

Cosmetics by Katakami (CBK) is an Edmonton, Alberta based R&D and manufacturer of cosmetics and personal care. We offer services to brands to develop custom formulations and brands looking to private label current stock formulations. CBK specializes in innovative new product development, from concept all the way through to delivery of shelf-ready products.

Working with local suppliers and brands, we strive to grow the cosmetics and personal care industry in Alberta. CBK uses materials from locally grown agriculture, while also growing local brands’ offerings in the industry. The Katakami brand showcases this by celebrating the capabilities of the business within R&D, manufacturing and packaging development by working with local suppliers and using local ingredients in its own ‘Alberta Fresh’ range of products. 

Vision Statement

By continually developing high-quality and innovative cosmetic products, we aim to grow and diversify the manufacturing segment in Alberta and become the first choice for brands to bring their innovative, high-quality concepts to life.


Our Philosiophy 
Love what you do, and do what you love! We believe in pursuing your passions and loving life. At Cosmetics by Katakami, we love what we do and that’s developing and delivering