3 mistakes that are giving you dull skin this December and skincare tips to fix them

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3 mistakes that are giving you dull skin this December and skincare tips to fix them

Originally posted via vogue.in https://www.vogue.in/beauty/content/skincare-tips-for-dull-skin-in-december-how-to-get-glowing-skin

December is truly the month of excess, and we’re in the last stretch. This week, however, can be the most intense, with parties and social events in full swing. If you’re going out on New Year’s Eve but also have a brunch to attend on New Year’s Day, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best the whole time. We spoke to experts to find out exactly how you can prevent your face from looking worse for wear after a long night out.

You’re indulging in sugary cocktails and too many snacks

“Drinking causes dehydration, and it shows on your skin as dullness and dryness. Plus it’s winter, so anyway your skin is prone to becoming dry and flaky, which lead to it looking dull. Drinking also causes water retention, which leads to the appearance of a puffy face and eyes,” says Dr Anju Methil, a Mumbai-based dermatologist. Alcohol also increases inflammation in your body, which will then magnify any acne or redness you’re already suffering from. “The excess sugar in your cocktails also worsens inflammation. The solution is to constantly keep yourself hydrated and drink enough water. Also, consume alcohol in moderation if you are worried about heading to the office with a puffy face the next day,” she explains.

“We tend to munch while drinking. Salty products and packed products that are high in salt cause more water retention, which makes your eyes puffy and bloats your face. Oily food items are also a contributing factor to more breakouts. With so much food innovation around us today, take a call on what you will eat for the night. Items such as hummus and pita, salads and other Mediterranean dishes are much healthier as they have less oil and no added sugar. Balance your meals with salads that hardly have any salt in them, or go for other healthier options such as guacamole and avocados, which are good for the skin,” adds Dr Methil.

The skincare quick-fix

Use a face roller. Those who swear by it suggest that the rolling motion of the stone can tighten pores, erase fine lines, stimulate collagen and calm inflammation. If nothing, the upward and outward motions can help clear toxins and decrease puffiness, making it a must-have tool if you’re struggling with a morning-after face.

You’re not sleeping enough

Long nights and lots of parties on your schedule (and then work early in the AM) wreaks havoc on your sleep routine. “Your skin undergoes a regeneration process when you sleep, so when you don’t sleep enough, you aren’t giving your skin enough time to renew itself. Tiredness shows on your face as hollowness of the eyes, dark circles and puffiness,” says Dr Methil. Not sleeping enough also causes inflammation and affects your hormonal levels, all of which affect your skin, making it look dry, hyper-pigmented and aged. “When you don’t sleep enough, your body lacks time for sufficient collagen production. It also produces extra cortisol, which can break down your existing collagen, loosening your skin’s elasticity and deepening fine lines and wrinkles even further. Also, GHs (growth hormones) are created when you sleep, which make your skin look youthful and maintain healthy bodily tissues. An absence of these would cause your skin to look older much sooner,” says Dr Harshna Bijlani.

The skincare quick-fix

Slather on a sleeping mask to soften, hydrate and regenerate skin, even if you’re just getting a few hours of shut-eye. They work to seal in facial serums and creams, and have efficient ingredients for overnight use.

You’re falling asleep without taking off your makeup

Falling asleep immediately after a few too many drinks can result in a hangover the next morning, but the long-term effects of not washing your face before you sleep is arguably worse. “When your pores are clogged often, it can lead to dullness and acne. Another common mistake is using heavy oils such as coconut or baby oil to remove your makeup, as we tend to use heavy makeup this season. This will only block your pores more and cause breakouts. So no matter how tired you are, take off your makeup with products such as micellar cleansing water and let your skin breathe,” recommends Dr Methil.

The skincare quick-fix

Reach for an exfoliant to slough off all dead skin cells, thus reducing build-up and promoting brighter and cleaner skin. When the dead skin cells layer is taken off, the newer skin cells are more conducive to accepting active ingredients from skincare products (like acne-fighting salicylic acid and retinol, which combats fine lines).