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One of the major ways to take care of oily skin is to use a CTM method which is - cleanse, tone and moisturise. Yes, you also need to moisturise oily skin.

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In Korea, there is such a thing as the three-second rule when it comes to applying your serums and moisturizers. According to an article on Allure, there is a window of three seconds after cleansing that women have to apply their first skincare product. Why so?

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But what if getting better skin wasn't as complicated as you think? One place to start is by evaluating which skincare sins you're committing (intentionally or not) and then put better habits into place. Below are the top mistakes two dermatologists see people make all the time.

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One of the most frequently discussed topics when it comes to skincare is the under eye area. These concerns range from how to care for the skin around the eyes to potential limitations of topical skincare when it comes to this area. We hope to shed some light on these.... (we're holding back a joke about bringing your sunglasses).

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