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Increased production of hormones and overproduction of oil (sebum) in the skin can cause the growth of a bacteria called P.acnes which is typically the cause of breakouts or acne. Genetics are also said to play a big role on how your body reacts to hormones that stimulate acne. There are many habits to either avoid or implement in order to minimize or otherwise rid yourself altogether of P.acnes bacteria and breakouts. Here are five reasons your breakouts may be on the increase:

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Okay, so we’re hearing that natural deodorant is all the hype. We’ve heard that normal antiperspirant deodorant is potentially harmful, and that we should do our best to make the transition to a more natural deodorant for health reasons. It sounds fair… but we have questions! WHY is normal anti-perspirant deodorant potentially harmful? And, does natural deodorant even work? Well, we did our own research, so we’ll give you the lowdown! 

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