Causes of Breakouts & How to Avoid them

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Causes of Breakouts & How to Avoid them

Though primarily caused by hormones and overproduction of oil (sebum) within the skin, the increase of which triggers an increased production of sebum which leads to the growth of a bacteria called P.acnes which is typically the cause of break outs or acne. 

Genetics are also said to play a big role on how your body reacts to hormones that stimulate acne. There are also many habits to either avoid or implement in order to minimize or otherwise rid yourself altogether of P.acnes bacteria and breakouts. Here are five reasons you might be exasperating bacteria on your face and causing yourself breakouts:

1. Dirty Pillowcase

Washing your face before you sleep should always be a number one priority. Bacteria build up is one of the leading causes of acne and breakouts, which can also be attributed to surfaces like your pillowcases, and dirty cellphones; and even makeup brushes. The bacteria is amplified if your face isn't washed prior to sleeping, as airborne bacteria gets on the skin and also then is transferred to your pillowcase... and then to your face again. Skin is also prone to infection in this type of environment, if there are any open cuts or raw skin exposed. 

2. Lack of Sleep

As we mentioned in other blog posts, cortisol levels go down while we rest and our body (and skin) undergoes a process of repair and regeneration.  Therefore if not enough rest is attained, our bodies are exposed to high cortisol levels, constantly... which can be a trigger for breakouts. 

3. Your pores are clogged

Heavy skin creams, and even various hair products can be terrible for our skin (and bodies), causing clogged pores once products seep into them. These can also cause chest acne, back acne and various types of body acne, including pimples along the hairline and acne in the scalp.

4. Working out and sweating

Breakouts and clogged pores thrive on the skin when we sweat and do things like skip showers.... never a good idea. Before you anticipate you're going to sweat, it's always good practise washing off any makeup, oil or bacteria to avoid it getting into the pores as they open to produce sweat. 

5. Sweat and Bacteria "Trapping"

Wearing things like hats, and tight clothing that are not breathable- (especially at the gym) can trap sweat and bacteria against the skin and also clog pores. The lining of a tight hat, headband, sports bra, even linings of under garments carry this risk, causing zits to pop up. Showering and washing your face after sweating is a fix, as well as loosening the band of the hat so it's not so snug against the skin to trap sweat and bacteria, and wearing loose fitting clothing during a sweat session. Also always wash clothing, and clean the bands of your hat with a disinfecting wipe, if not washing it.