3 Common under eye conditions and how to improve them

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3 Common under eye conditions and how to improve them

One of the most frequently discussed topics when it comes to skincare is the under eye area. These concerns range from how to care for the skin around the eyes to potential limitations of topical skincare when it comes to this area. We hope to shed some light on these.... (we're holding back a joke about bringing your sunglasses).



One of the most common causes for concern when it comes to the under area is milia. Milia describes small white bumps that appear on this area, or other areas of the face or skin. They emerge as a result of blocked hair follicles or skin ducts. Milia typically don't pop (they look like small pimples). Milia can go away on their own, but a good way to try and avoid them is by abstaining from use of heavy creams that could potentially clog the ducts in this sensitive area. 

Fine Lines

Crows feet and wrinkles around the eyes are an inevitable challenge that everyone has to face at some point. Fine lines appear as a result of sun damage or volume loss. Most treatments for fine lines are preventative as well as reparative. The key to helping minimize fine lines around the eyes is to hydrate. Drinking water and making sure to use a hydrating eye cream are prime hydration strategies. Retinol is an active ingredient to look for in your skincare and eye creams, which helps stimulate collagen production, and also makes dark circles less noticeable. Another great hydrating (active) ingredient to look for in your eye creams is hyaluronic acid.


Excess fluid under the tissue of the eyes is cause for puffiness. Factors that can cause this can include lack of sleep, or diet. Allergies can also cause edema (under-eye swelling). Factors like aging and herniation in this area are harder to correct. Apart from cosmetic procedures; these can be best aided by using a red or orange colour corrector underneath the eye prior to applying your favorite concealer. 

We can conclude that the safest and best practice to avoid any kind of under eye conditions would be to stay hydrated, avoid using eye creams that are too heavy, cleansing the face after workouts and sweating, as well as getting plenty of sleep!