4 quick tips to keep your skin from itchy dehydration during Alberta's cold spell!

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4 quick tips to keep your skin from itchy dehydration during Alberta's cold spell!

Welcome to coldest place on Earth! Between the freezing temperatures outside, and the temperature change to heated buildings and houses indoors, this can do quite a number to your skin! Here's a quick 4-step guide to taking care of your body's largest organ during Alberta's cold spell.

Avoid a hot shower

Although this feels great during the cold winter months, hot showers actually run the risk of stripping your skin of its essential oils. Super hot water can dry your skin out and even dehydrate your skin. It's best to shower in lukewarm water using a natural soap that's gentle for your skin.


Invest in a body scrub or create a homemade one! You can DIY and create a homemade body scrub by mixing a few drops of essential oil and salt or sugar (the idea is to formulate granules with the oil so they can rub off dead skin). This helps with moisturizing the skin, as it makes the skin susceptible to moisture and more likely to become hydrated by whatever topical products are used to soothe the skin's dryness.

Moisturize While Damp

We've mentioned this before in some of our other blog entries, but the skin absorbs moisture best when it's still damp. Lotions are designed to work best by locking in moisture, so leaving a little moisture on the skin would be ideal for it to function best. So drying skin haphazardly may seem like an unorthodox practice to you, but it really is the best for your skin!

Honey and Olive Oil

A spoonful of olive oil, mixed with honey does wonders for your skin especially slathering (just oil) on at nighttime before bed, as this is prime time for the skin to repair itself. Many people often mix a little lemon juice in with the concoction as lemon juice serves as a natural skin brightener.  This concoction with honey works best by applying to the skin to sit of about 20 minutes and then wiping clean with a warm washcloth.