5 tips to keep your skin hydrated during the holidays!

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5 tips to keep your skin hydrated during the holidays!

During the cold winter months, the air is colder; so as a result, it holds less moisture as the humidity levels have decreased. This leaves our skin dry and sometimes flaky, so we've put together 5 helpful holiday hydrating tips to have your skin looking its very best- soft, supple and smooth at all of the holiday parties and dinners this season!

1. Cleansing your skin with lukewarm water: This typically aids with preventing you from stripping your skin of essential oils that you need. Some also recommend showering or cleansing the skin with cold water, as it closes the pores and is said to be an agent that tightens our skin, which can help fill in fine lines. Cold water facial cleanses are said to slow down the aging process, and helps to get rid of the damaging effects of the sun’s harmful rays.

2. Adapt your skincare routine: Many people often have changing skincare routines that alternate seasonally. A separate moisturize for the winter, and one for summer can often prove beneficial to your skin if your moisturizer for the winter is more rich than the latter for the more dry climate of winter. Another step is double checking the ingredients in your skincare to make sure that the ingredients aren’t actually further drying your sin or stripping it of its natural oils.

Oil based moisturizers are typically better for hydration than water based solutions, but it’s important to go for oils that are breathable that won’t cause breakouts or leave a coating on your skin. Oils like jojoba oils, shea butter, and grapeseed oil are all viable ingredients to look for in your skincare. Finally, another product in your skincare regimen that can also be interchanged seasonally, is your cleanser. Many cleansers can also work to also strip your skin of its essential oils, it’s an important note to not leave your skin naked after cleansing for longer than 25 seconds. Moisturizing immediately after cleansing is important, as it prevents skin dehydration and moisture absorbs into the skin better while skin is still slightly damp.

3. Solidify your nighttime skincare routine: We’ve mentioned in many of our instagram posts on instagram, (@cosmeticsbykatakami) as well as some of our blog posts, our skin rejuvenates and repairs itself at nighttime. Which means, solidifying our skincare routine for the night, as well as making sure that our skin is thoroughly moisturized, with eye cream is highly beneficial to our skin while we sleep during the reparation and rejuvenation of our skin.

4. Eat your water: Eating hydrating foods is a thing! Making sure to eat your fruits and vegetables. More fruits contain a higher water concentration (unless the vegatable seems ‘watery’), remember “what you put in is what you get out!” baring in mind that fruits like grapefruit, cantaloupe, oranges, kiwi watermelon, omega-3, vitamin C, zinc and flaxseed are all also supplements and vitamins that encourage and stimulate elastin and collagen production in the skin.

5. Exfoliate your skin: Not only is this an imperative piece of your skincare regimen, (or should be!) but it really makes a difference, as in the winter when skin is more prone to dryness, it can flake. Skin is more susceptible to flaking when we don’t exfoliate to rid our skin of its dead skin cells. Dead skin cells also prevent moisture from getting into our skin effectively as it creates a barrier between our skin and our moisturizer. You can moisturize your skin effectively by utilizing scrubs, masks, or an exfoliating body wash on your skin.

We hope this proves useful for you this holiday season, and you show up with a refreshed skin and tips for your loved ones. Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas from all of us at Cosmetics by Katakami!