Beauty sleep skincare routine

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Beauty sleep skincare routine

During the day our skin is in “protection” mode, on the lookout for dangers or toxins to our skin, as well as UV rays. When we sleep, our skin transitions from protection mode to renewal mode, where the skin repairs itself from any damage, and renews/rejuvenates our skin’s cells. This means that by applying our skin care products generously at night, our skin can (and will!) better soak up the ingredients of our products. 

Dermatologists agree that skin repairs itself overnight, so products such as retinol and thick moisturizer work best in the evening. Sleeping is naturally your skin’s renewal process, and by applying your skincare products on a consistent basis at nighttime, you’re boosting this renewal process! 

Another thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter where you are- indoors, comfortable at home, or outside; pollutants, and toxins can still be airborne, and can thus harm your skin, so it's important to cleanse your skin twice a day, and always followup with a moisturizer- and an eye cream if that's part of your skincare regimen.