Parabens: What they are, and if they're harmful

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Parabens: What they are, and if they're harmful

What are parabens?

Parabens describes a synthetic blend of ingredients used in a variety of cosmetics product used as a preservative, with the purpose of lengthening shelf life of products by inhibiting growth of bacteria and mould. These ingredients are often present in many everyday products that we use such as deodorant, lotions and shampoos. Often times, because we apply these products onto our skin, the products contents are absorbed into our bloodstream, and even people that steer clear of products with parabens in them still have contents of parabens enter their bloodstream as they are also found in food items.

Are parabens harmful?

Parabens have been labelled harmful as they bind to estrogen receptors, and said by experts to be linked to breast cancer, as they stay in our tissue. Parabens are not only harmful to humans, they are said to also be harmful to the atmosphere, being that they are washed into sewage systems and released into the environment. The reality is, there hasn't been any concrete evidence that parabens are deadly for us. However, manufacturers have been innovating new parabens that are less harmful, so to feel safe it's good to know there is always a better option.