Skincare prep for makeup users

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Skincare prep for makeup users

A lot of people think that a quick fix for bad skin is makeup, but this simply isn't the case. The best way to make sure your makeup looks flawless, is actually initiating a flawless skincare routine... so that your skin is flawless of course! We're going to outline a few main steps to garner a smooth and supple canvas to help you look your best after applying your makeup. 

1.) Exfoliate

In prior blogs, we've emphasized exfoliation; but within reason. Anything more than about 3 times a week, is too much; however for the sake of skincare prep prior to makeup, making sure your skin has been exfoliated prior to makeup application will get you best results, as your makeup is less likely to 'ball up" with product and dead skin cells... yuck. Do not forget to exfoliate your lips. Even just simply  using a wash rag in the shower and rubbing across your lips with some soap, will do the job. 

2.) Use a Mask

Masks reduce swelling of the eyes and face that can be caused from environmental allergies, or lack of sleep. These masks are all pretty skin specific- if your concern is redness, there is a mask for this as well. Focus on finding a mask that addresses one or more of these concerns, and use accordingly! Often times, with eye puffiness, there are patches, that emulate a mask with the formula underneath. Many people use these while applying the rest of their skincare regimen, and handle the under eye area after all is done.

3.) Toner

Toner is designed to balance the PH level of your skin... it sounds a little bit bogus, but consider if you don't see enough, how different your skin feels and looks.... this is largely due to it's PH abnormality on account of you lacking enough rest. Toner also prepares the skin to accept the moisture, and helps your makeup stay and last longer. So a good toner is important if you want your skin to reflect it's best face! 

4.) Cleanse, Hydrate/Moisturize!

Obviously this is a key step in your skincare regimen, and making sure your skin is tip top underneath your foundation. Try using a skincare tool, like the jade roller to spread the moisturizer over the span of your face while smoothing the product out and distributing it evenly. Fingers tend to absorb a lot of the product, and there's no guarantee you've evenly distributed the moisturizer. When it comes to cleansing; a rinse with your favourite cleanser is great, right after exfoliation. Using a cleansing brush or tool is great as well given it isn't abrasive or too aggressive for the skin. 

5.) Eye Cream

Like the mask, finding an eye cream that targets your specific skincare concerns for this area is ideal. There are specific eye creams that target puffiness, dark circles, redness, dryness etc. Do not cheap out on eye cream, moisturizer or cleanser! What you use on your face is as important as what you put inside your body- you only have one!

6.) Primer!

Never skip primer if you're looking for longer from your makeup. The Primer will lock is all the moisture you've just applied to your skin, and give you a soft barrier to apply makeup onto. If skin is too moisturized, depending on how much makeup has been applied; instead of a dewy look; you may get creases and the foundation lacking the ability to actually adhere to your skin, and actually break down, as it absorbs your skin's oils and gets into fine lines. 

Lastly, make sure all of your products have fully absorbed into the skin for best results. It will start to ball up and you run the risk of skin looking crepey in some places if it's not fully dissolved. Do not forget to treat your neck and decollate with the above steps as well... the last thing we need is for your neck to look older than your face!