Sustainability & Skincare: The 2020 Trend

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Sustainability & Skincare: The 2020 Trend

We've noticed that sustainability is a trend that has been penetrating many markets- from clothing, skincare to other products. A sustainable product is basically one that is eco friendly, and biodegradable- without plastics and toxicity. The idea of a sustainable product includes the packaging; describing an approach without boxes, that is minimal and made of recycled materials.

The Challenge With Packaging

Apart from packaging, products are becoming more and more eco-friendly, products are being made to fit the same mould. The trend has brand adopting more natural ingredients- various natural oils and ingredients. The beauty industry is slowly moving in a chemical free direction, with benefits for your skin and the environment.  

With wrappers, boxes, tubes and plastics are the large majority of packaging on skincare products. Although this is what makes up as 25%of landfill waste- packaging fragile products proves challenging. Skincare has been slower to adopt this trend, on account of the nature of the products and their sustainability. The challenge apart from packaging, is the ability to prove that the product is sustainable, and clarify that meaning on the label or social media.


As the world becomes more alert to the benefits and importance of being kind to the planet, consumers are continually gravitating toward more natural and sustainable products.