What order should I apply my skincare products?

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What order should I apply my skincare products?

The way you apply your skincare products matters! Ideally, applying from thinnest to thickest is most effective. In the morning it's best to layer your products that protect the skin from damage; such as environmental/sun damage, toxins and pollution.

Your skincare regimen will vary based on your skin's unique and individual needs. For example, if you are looking to improve pigmentation on your skin, or acne, these are things we would be targeting during the day as well. During the day your skincare routine should be one that aims to correct, protect the skin, and prevent further or potential damage. SPF is something to consider mixing into your daytime moisturizer- even in  the winter. Overtime the sun causes the skin's collagen to break down, causing fine lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation and skin damage in the long term. 

In the evening, we apply products to hydrate and moisturize our skin to aid in our skin's repair and restoration process that it undergoes as we sleep. For maximum efficacy with the application of your skincare products, here's a little guide you can follow, it's a good idea to split up between a morning routine and a nighttime routine based on (protecting for the day), then reparative, hydration and moisturizing (main concern for nighttime). To start the most important basics are cleanser, and moisturizer for your are minimums- later incorporating an eye cream. We know it can be expensive trying to incorporate every single product into your routine, and sometimes unnecessary depending on your skin type and your skin's needs. Below is a comprehensive and all-inclusive guide  that you work toward and keep in mind, while building upon the foundation of your existing skincare routine. 

So, finally without further adieu. What order should you apply my skincare products?

 1. Makeup remover or makeup wipes: This serves as the initial step to remove any makeup from the day and potentially save excess product being used for step 2. If you begin with a makeup wipe or remover, you will use less cleanser and won't have to keep rubbing and rinsing the skin multiple times.

2. Cleanser: Using as much as needed to clean the skin thoroughly of all excess makeup to prevent breakouts and lead to acne if makeup isn't completely removed.

3. Exfoliator: Exfoliator is only needed 1-3 times a week to get rid of dead skin cells, based on your exposure to potentially harmful environmental factors and how much makeup you've work throughout the week. Too much exfoliating can dry out the skin (anymore than 3x per week).

4. Toner: Toner aids in the balancing of the skin's PH and many people do not see this as a necessary step, and if trying to pick the most important step (we'd secretly be in agreement), you can skip this if you need to prioritize! 

5. Targeted Treatment Products: These products are the products you may need to treat any existing skin conditions, or any specific products designed to improve your skin. Some may include, dark spot corrector for pigmentation, acne, rosacea etc. 

6. Hydrating mists or Serum: These act to smooth the skin and add the initial step of moisturizing the skin. It has been said by dermatologists that the best time to add your moisture onto your skin is it's slightly damp first. The moisturizer is said to better absorb into the skin when your skin is damp. 

7. Moisturizer (Add SPF if it's daytime): Hydrate your skin from your chin up toward your forehead using circular rubbing motions. Do not forget your neck ad décolletage! 

8. Eye Cream or Gel: This is a very important step, especially before bedtime. Add moisture in around your eye area to keep the area hydrated through the night, and protected throughout the day! Having a different eye cream for the nighttime and daytime is ideal, as some eye creams work for different things (again based on your skin's needs!)- some, like one for dark circles or lack of sleep may be great for the day, and something for repair and anti-aging maybe best for nighttime. 

9. Facial Oil: Not everyone adds this step, but it can be beneficial as oil locks in moisture from the above products, helping to guarantee the efficacy of your regimen. If using an oil, making sure this isn't one that is stable, made for the skin and doesn't develop free radicals on the skin, as this can have the reverse effect and actually age the skin faster. This is best used only at night.