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Okay, so we’re hearing that natural deodorant is all the hype. We’ve heard that normal antiperspirant deodorant is potentially harmful, and that we should do our best to make the transition to a more natural deodorant for health reasons. It sounds fair… but we have questions! WHY is normal anti-perspirant deodorant potentially harmful? And, does natural deodorant even work? Well, we did our own research, so we’ll give you the lowdown! 

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Overtime, and as our skin ages, it slowly becomes prone to discolouration, unevenness and pigmentation. These consist of dark spots, and patches that slowly begin to appear on various areas of our face and bodies. The culprit is the sun whose UV rays can damage our skin causing our skin to react accordingly. The one and only most important thing to take away, is to wear sunscreen! It's easier to prevent than it is to correct.

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Parabens have been labelled harmful as they bind to estrogen receptors, and said by experts to be linked to breast cancer, as they stay in our tissue. Parabens are not only harmful to humans, they are said to also be harmful to the atmosphere, being that they are washed into sewage systems and released into the environment.

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